What is SLP?

SLP is Sudo’s liquidity provider token, representing your share of Sudo’s liquidity pool. When you buy SLP, it means you are staking your asset in our pool as liquidity used for leveraged trading. You can provide 3 kinds of assets to the sudo liquidity pool: SUI, USDC and USDT.

You can learn more about SLP current value and supply here

What’s the tokenomics?

SLP is a LP token (Liquidity Provider Tokens (LP Tokens) Definition). SLP’s total value represents how much liquidity we have in the pool. Since SLP is always backed by asset you minted SLP with, it’s not an inflationary coin. While more supplies can be added to SLP, more assets are added into the pool, keep the price unchanged.

What’s the benefit of minting SLP?

In short with SLP you can earn passive income from the protocol. In addition, the team is working on some plans to reward early SLP holders who hold the initial 250k supply. Some other incentive features are being built as we speak.

What’s the max supply?

SLP supply is currently capped to 500k. The more liquidity we have, more leveraged trading can happen, and more fees can be generated to benefit SLP holders. We may open up some more supply to grow the protocol.

How can I mint SLP?

If total supply is below 500kk, you can mint it Trade Real World Asset Derivatives with Crypto during market hours (9:30am - 4:30pm EST).

Can I trade SLP outside of Sudo?

Yes. We have a pool setup on Cetus so that you can swap SLP to other tokens outside of our trading hours.

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