Sudo Features

Trading Features

  • No Account Required: Sudo enables users to trader without registration, facilitating quick and convenient access to trading.

  • High Leverage: Depending on the token type, Sudo offers up to 25X leverage, allowing traders to enhance their potential returns.

  • Zero Price Impact: By utilizing concentrated liquidity from Sudo Liquidity Providers and oracle feed price, the platform ensures that traders can enter and exit positions at market prices without impacting market rates.

  • Decentralized Quotation: To maintain transparent and stable pricing, Sudo incorporates multiple data sources, such as mainstream oracles and self-quotation through leading exchanges. We use Pyth price feed oracle to ensure low latency and high frequency price updates.

Liquidity Provider Feature

  • Protocol Fee Sharing: By becoming a LP on Sudo, you are entitled to protocol fee earned on the platform

  • Mint and Redeem at your ease: You can mint SLP and redeem your assets back at anytime within market hour.

  • LP Privileges: LPs are entitled to certain privileges on the platform, for instance, early access to features and new alphas.

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